Studio Zero Latency Records

NOTE! We currently moving the studio to Uddevalla (1 hours drive north from Gothenburg). We currently don’t know when the studio will be up again. Stay tuned for more info.

About us:

Studio Zero Latency Records is an professional studio for music production. We offer bands, singer/songwriters, demo recordings to full productions from A to B. We also offer the service of radio production (commercials/jingles), voice overs and speakers for Film/TV productions, commercials, mixing for film/TV and scoring for TV/Film.

Current gear list:

Mac with Cubase and Focusrite converters, 96khz.
Soundcraft FX 16 mark II – main desk 16 channels (out of service for now)
Lexicon MPX 550/400 (built into our main desk)
DBX 266XL, compressor with gate/expander
Vox Wah Wah ”Classic” pedal
Analogue insert loop for using hardware processors in the DAW
Yamaha BK-4, vintage organ (rare, sounds like a mix between a string synthesizer from early 70’s and an organ)
Korg Wavestation EX, vector/wave sequencing synthesizer (used by Genesis, Depeche Mode and Dire Straits etc.)
Roland D-50, synthesizer with PG 1000 programmer (this synth is used on countless records)
Akai s6000 sampler with hard drive, 128 polyphony, 256 MB ram  (used by countless artists)
Novation X-station, VA synthesizer (sounds like nothing else on the market)
AKG 240s headphones (studio standard since about 40 years ago)
Line Audio CM3 (x2), handmade microphones from Rinkaby, Scaina, Sweden
Audio-technica AT 2020, condenser microphone (all round mic)
Wilh.Steinmann, vintage acoustic upright piano (This one was stolen from us. If you have any info about this piano and it’s whereabouts please contact us)

If other/special gear are needed during the production this stuff can be rented through our contacts if needed.

The studios music producer and sound technician is Daniel Westin and has produced music from synthpop, synthrock, rock, electro, acoustic rock, hillbilly music, Irish folk music and pop tunes.

During 2008 and 2009 Daniel worked extensively with American musician John Hammink. More info about John is found here:

Our latest demo productions with the Synthrock/Electro-Industrial project D.S. can be heard here!

Prices are upon request!
For more info contact:
Daniel Westin (Daniel of D.S.)
+46(0)73 80 800 73