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About us

Wesslansfilmproduktion is a Film/TV production company started in 2011 by filmmaker Daniel Westin. Today we are a full scale production house for TV commercial, future- and short film, TV productions. With focus on Malmö and Scania region. We offer everything from commercials to information film for company’s. To other production company’s we are offering co-productions within film- and TV productions. We can also offer photographic/graphical productions and music production for singer/song writers, groups, music projects, radio commercials and audio mixing/sound design for film/TV in our own studio called ”Studio Zero latency Records”.

We focuses on the technical part of film- and TV production with Daniel Westin in the middle of the spider web. That is to say, we will be able to offer customers complete solutions from pre production to post production and delivery. A kind of a all in one solution, you can say. This means we have a much deeper experience and expertise in our equipment. If you have an film idea or a script/screenplay don’t hesitate to contact one of our producers at: info(at)wesslansfilmproduktion.se

Contact info:

Phone: +46 (0)73 80 800 73
For press pictures please send an email to info(at)Wesslansfilmproduktion.se

Postal address:

Blåsebergavägen 4,
216 33 Limhamn (Malmo), Scania, Sweden

Daniel Westin – Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Writer/Editor/Music producer/Mixer/Photographer

Andreas Nilsson
Andreas Nilsson – Producer/Project leader/Director/Photographer


Samir Dounas, Sound engineer
Bill Watts, Cinematographer